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UnitedCoin: A digital currency as stable as gold and as versatile as cash.

Liquid Gold

We accept that, in general, stock values will rise as money loses its value due to inflation. Unless you're day trading, your money is being locked away for long term gain. But what if you need access to your money on a daily basis?

For the most part, people just want an option that both protects their wealth and gives them unrestricted access to liquid assets.

Enter United Coin. Liquidity and protection in one.

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Not all cryptocurrencies are built the same. Traditional coins are mined. This means blocks containing code known as ledgers are tabulated and duplicated by all cpu's connected to the chain. This is essentially a means to secure the data from fraudulent manipulation. This process requires massive amounts of bandwidth, memory, processing and power. But the price of crypto is determined by the stock exchange. This makes it volatile and subject to fluctuation.

UnitedCoin is not mined and is not traded on the stock exchange. It is earned. Just like the money you received from your hard work. With one major advantage. It is protected from inflation.