Peer to peer exchange

Decentralized money with private key protects both your privacy and your stablecoin.

Your investment in UCC in advance of the STO and subsequent expansion to an open market will shelter your wealth from inflation.

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About Us

UnitedCoin UCC is a stablecoin with direct decentralized peer to peer exchange - no middle man, immune to market manipulation and overvaluation experienced by traditional cryptocurrencies.

Preferred over central bank notes that are subject to parliamentary corruption and external control. Protecting your wealth against inflation while providing the versatility of liquidity.

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Our Mission

Our main objective is: To protect the wealth of the individual amid the uncertainty experienced by governmental organizations and international trade markets.

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Versatile access and protection

Limitless possibilities: Our network of product and service partners extend beyond investment. Purchase your everyday essentials with UnitedCoin

peer to peer exchange

A versatile ecommerce integrated wallet for countless apps ranging from rideshare, accommodations, to sending and receiving items and booking services.


Private Key and 2FA encryption protect your decentralized money while providing ease of access for payments and transfers with dispute resolution services.

Soft Service

Flexibility is at the forefront or UnitedCoin. Allowing both API's for established services and branded label microapps with integrated UCC Wallet. Your ewallet operates outside of the banking network which effectively eliminates service charges and transfer fees.

Investment planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions
Benefits of Unitedcoin

Low to no fee banking. No monthly fees. No usage charges. Free wallet loads. Versatile purchase options including etransfer, credit card, direct bank transfer.

Secure token offering

Unlike traditional coin offerings. UnitedCoin will be offered as a regulated digital security. For now, it is offered as a stable coin.

investment Growth

Growth is a relative term. Buying real assets like land or precious metals are ways to prevent your wealth from devaluation. A stable coin such as UCC offers the same while giving you unrestricted access to your money without fees or interest.

live support

Real time dispute resolution and transaction support.

products and services
Partner Apps

Months countdown to launch

It has been a pleasure to work with the UnitedCoin team to integrate our brand and product offerings with turn-key fulfillment infrastructure. 

Angela wong Brand Manager

With the instability of traditional currency and unregulated cryptocurrencies we feel more secure with the exchange to UCC

David Tseng Portfolio Manager

We excitedly await the launch of our peer to peer marketplace. The ewallet allows for customers to access goods and services in local fulfillment networks and merchants from incurring bank fees.

MeGAN C. Thornhill, ON