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Introducing United Coin Sterling

In Abundant, Yet Tethered Supply

UnitedCoin: A digital currency as bountiful as Silver and as versatile as cash.


The last 4 years has been a bumpy ride for both world currencies and Crypto markets.

For the most part, people just want an option that both protects their wealth and gives them unrestricted access to liquid assets.

United Coin Sterling (UCS) is equivalent to 1 grain of XAG sterling silver. 480 grains = 1 XAG Troy Ounce.

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Not all cryptocurrencies are built the same. Traditional coins are mined. This means blocks containing code known as ledgers are tabulated and duplicated by all cpu's connected to the chain. This is essentially a means to secure the data from fraudulent manipulation. This process requires massive amounts of bandwidth, memory, processing and power. But the price of crypto is determined by the crypto exchange. This makes it volatile and subject to fluctuation.

UnitedCoin is not mined and it's price is not speculative. It is minted and burnt with each corresponding transaction. Each United Coin is backed by real world assets and commodities held in a vault. This is how your wealth is protected from inflation. Unlike the fiat money you received for your hard work. Take your money out of the banks and into a vault. Read more:

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